By Dabeagle

Begin Anew started life as Moving is Hard. Once I had ended that series, I had left the door open to start with the same guys again, to Begin Anew.

I was living in Nevada when it started, and by the time it was done I was in New York. These guys were my first, my vanguard into the Gay Writings genre, and I hope they become dear to you as they have been, and always will be to me.

That said, here are the characters:
Justin Corcoran:
Moved from the great northeast. A loner he finds friendship in the form of Kyle Pritchard, who's value is beyond measure to Justin.
Kyle Pritchard:
Afflicted with epileptic seizures, he and Justin form a quick friendship that proves to be forged in steel. What else could be asked for?
Casey Mitchell Fremont:
Member of one of Nevada's elite families he often finds himself with people who like what he represents more than who he is. Determined not to be fooled again.
Cris Teague:
The flag bearer of the group, he never keeps a policy that supports a lack of courage and goes to the wall for his friends. But who tends to this warrior's heart?
Chris Taylor:
Justin's best friend back east and his staunchest supporter. Family troubles bring him to live with his old friend, but how much does he know? And how much will he accept?
Harry Fremont:
Older brother to Casey, attends a magnate school in Reno, spends precious little time at home. Now all that may change, what secrets lie behind those eyes?
Grant Killian:
Normally a very shy and reserved fellow, spends a lot of time alone. Recently he has shed his reserved exterior and has come alive, what or who could possibly have had such an effect on him?

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