Candy & Kisses

Chapter 6

By Dabeagle


Once home I showered and pulled on clean clothes. I styled my hair, brushed my teeth and fidgeted in front of the mirror. It didn't feel real, really. I could still taste the salt of his lips, the heat of his tongue. It had a ethereal quality, though. More real than my fever dreams and jack-off sessions, yet less real than having him here and telling me I wasn't dreaming. Or stoned. I smiled nervously at my reflection and headed downstairs. I headed to the kitchen where my mom was making something and my dad was consulting a cookbook. Through the archway into the dining room I could see Janice slumped at the table. Cal was sitting by the little one, coloring one page as she did the other.

"Out with Zack again?" my dad asked, glancing at my mother. His voice indicated he thought this was more than hanging out.

"Yes and no," I said a little smugly. "He'll be there, but he has a date."

"With you?" Cal asked, not looking up from his coloring.

"No, he asked Amy Gates out. You know her?" I asked, trying to play it cool.

"She's that goody-goody," Janice muttered.

"By that," my mother said, "She means she listens to her parents and isn't grounded. Again."

Janice made a face at my mother, tilting her head from side to side.

"She's pretty," Cal said non-committally.

"Yeah," I agreed. "Seth is bringing Malina."

"So you get to be fifth-wheel?" Cal asked and then paused to look up at me. I tried to school my face to innocence, but Cal wasn't fooled. "No way. Who is it?"

Everyone looked at me and I blushed. "Brandon McCall is picking me up!"

"'Miah!" Cal said as he stood.

"No! Don't ruin it by calling me that!" I said with a nervous laugh and pointing at him.

"Tell us about him," my parents said in stereo.

"'Miah has been crushing hard on this boy since third grade," Cal said.

"Um, fourth," I said, frowning at him.

Cal held up a finger, garnering everyone's attention. "Ah, Remember what 'Miah used to be like about M&Ms?" Cal asked, leaning back in his chair and looking smug.

"I remember you two fighting about them," my dad said with a chuckle. "He wasn't big on sharing them. So?"

"In third grade, there was only one person 'Miah would share his M&Ms with." Cal looked at me with a sparkle in his eye and I frowned a little, wondering what he was thinking of. "When we were in elementary school, different teachers' classes sat at different tables, but that year I could clearly see my little brother. The only person he'd share with was little Brandon McCall."

I frowned. "How would you know that?"

"I pay attention to these things. You never know when it'll come in handy." His smug look slipped a little, and he said, "And, because you kissed him in fourth grade."

"That boy?" My mom asked after a moment of silence. A smile slowly spread across her face and, after giving my dad a sly look, she turned back toward me. "I guess that was some kiss, if he's coming back for more after all this time."

"Oh. My. God!" I groaned and covered my eyes. The doorbell rang and I turned to head for it, but Cal and my baby sister took off. I thought about running to beat them, but you know what? Brandon should know what he's getting into. After all, I'd met Zack's folks. You did get to know your...friend's families, right? I guess that's where Brandon and I were, or were heading toward. Or something. In any case the time had passed, and I leaned against the counter and waited while they opened the door.

Little Amanda's voice rang out, "You're pretty!" and I started to laugh, followed by my parents. A minute later Cal and Amanda led Brandon into the kitchen. He was blushing, but smiling.

"Hey," he said to me, his voice soft and freaking sexy. I don't know if I can handle being friends. I needed to find some flaws in this boy and fast.

"Hi," I said, my voice probably sounding just as dopey. I looked at my parents. "Mom, Dad, this is Brandon McCall."

"Wow. Kind of fast to meet the parents, isn't it?" Brandon said. I could hear a tinge of nerves in his flippant statement, but everyone laughed and I think that helped. Maybe. I don't know. Helped what? Fuck if I know.

"That's nothing. Tell them about the drunk sex," Cal said from the doorway.

"What?" I asked, my voice going high. Brandon looked around in confusion.

"Calvin," my mother said in a warning tone. "Stop embarrassing your brother." She looked at me smugly. "That's my job."

"Have a good time, boys," my dad said as he pulled my mom back toward him. She protested lightly, but I was glad to escape. It was odd, though. It had been like introducing a boyfriend, but he wasn't. What of that kiss then, though? What did that mean? Anything? Was it more than an apology? My heart stopped as my mind finally put a terrifying idea forward. I don't know why I wasn't thinking of it, but if he was the gay friend of Zack and Seth, could he be interested in me? Did I want to try that? I'd wanted him from afar, but he was too damn perfect! It'd never work!

We said good bye, headed out the door, and almost immediately burst into nervous giggles. I don't know why. My nerves were humming. We got to his car and he turned to face me. He was doing it again, that look. The same one he'd worn when he kissed me. Beautiful is too plain a word. My blood pressure was rising, heat flooding through me and my stomach tightening.

"Are you glad you said yes?" he asked softly.

To the kiss? To going out for pizza? Was there another question I'd missed? "Um, I guess. Why? Is something wrong?"

"Everything is perfect," he said and cupped my face. I actually felt my heart stop. He moved closer and all I could think was 'he's going to do it again'. Then the thinking stopped as he laid a ghost of a kiss on my lips. He pulled back slightly and murmured, "Is this any better? At all?"

"Brandon?" I asked breathily, though I really didn't know how to voice my confusion. Questions began to swirl, but they were incoherent and ultimately unimportant when he was looking at me like that. But what did that look mean?

He smiled and kissed me a bit harder, yet still gentle. He pulled back and I leaned forward, again chasing his lips as I had on the bleachers. He bumped back into his car and I held him in place with my body, turning my head and kissing him. It's interesting that people who are described as kissing passionately have dueling tongues, as if there is some disagreement or skirmish about the act. Like the previous kiss, this one was like a dance. Our tongues slid and curled, twining in harmony, tinged with lust. It was a symphony, of sorts.

The cheering almost ruined it. Almost. I put my forehead down on his shoulder in embarrassment as the voices of Cal, Amanda, and my parents hollered and cat-called from my front porch for the kiss.

"I think they gave you a ten on that, J," Brandon said with a chuckle and squeezed me lightly.

I waved dismissively over my shoulder at my family and climbed into Brandon's car. We pulled away while the random bullshit floating in my mind slowly began to coalesce into something identifiable as an actual thought. "I'm a little confused," I admitted after my body had come down from the high of the kiss.


I glanced at him and licked my lips. "At the school, I thought the kiss was sort apology. Like, because the first one hadn't gone so well."

"Nope," he said. "You have better technique than you did at nine, though." he chuckled at his own joke.

"But...then...what is this? What are we doing? Why did you kiss me again?" I asked, my heart fluttering from the unknown.

We pulled into the parking lot of the pizzeria. Brandon covered his nose with his hands, as if in prayer, and let out a breath. "I'm sure you guessed that...I'm the one that came out to Seth and Zack. Right?"

I turned slightly in the seat to face him. "It made sense." I was glad I'd let him confirm it, though, rather than making a mistake.

He looked at me and smiled quickly before placing his hands on the steering wheel and looking at the emblem on the center. "Two years ago I went to summer camp. It was cool, an overnight camp with cabins. It was for three weeks. This guy...he and I kind of fooled around a little the last few nights before camp ended." He paused and drummed his fingers nervously on the steering wheel. "It was kind of cool in the moment, but when I had time to think I knew I didn't really like the guy. He'd just been available."

"Um. Okay."

"I told my parents I was gay. They were pretty cool about it. We talked. A lot. One thing they said stuck with me, and that was being with someone because you wanted to, not just because they were convenient." He hesitated again. "I went to a GSA meeting last year. I felt really uncomfortable. I told everyone I just went for the cookies."

We both chuckled nervously.

"Look, J, truth is...I like you. I admire your strength, to have dealt with people thinking they know you." He looked up at me. "I like to think I know something they don't. About a friend that used to store his things with mine, who used to share his candy with me at lunch."

I snorted and couldn't help but laugh a little. "Cal reminded me of that. I think I'd forgotten."

"I never did," he said seriously. "You never did that with anyone else. Even if they asked, you were all 'No way.' Unless it was me, then I didn't even ask, you just plopped half on my lunch tray."

"I was a strange kid," I said quietly.

"You know, I don't think so." He looked at me and I matched him. "I started getting this idea that...sometimes people just naturally go together. Sometimes parts of us realize it before the rest of us catches up. I think that's why you shared your candy and co-opted my cubby. I think it's why you let me kiss you earlier, and why you kissed me back. I think it's why we kissed tonight. I want to believe that, maybe, we're finding our way back to each other."

My throat had swelled and I swallowed a few times. "Kind of reading a lot into a few kisses." Still, there was an undeniable excitement about the possibility of something real happening. Did he believe that we had some sort of connection? Some deeply rooted parts of our subconscious reaching for each other?

"Maybe," he said with a sigh. He chuckled and shook his head. "After Seth and Zack calmed down when I came out to them, all they wanted to know was who I was interested in." He looked at me. "They approved of my choice."

"So that's why they're being nice to me. Like I was your date."

"No. Maybe a little," he said. "Zack really likes you. After I came out to them, you know Zack went a little nuts."


"When he and I talked, it went really well." He paused. "Once I was done telling him what an asshole, for-shit friend he was," he said and smiled ruefully. "Anyway, it seemed like he'd suddenly learned a lot. He told me he'd talked to you, and that's when I asked him what he thought of you."


"He said you were really cool. That you were like a true friend, holding him accountable when he was dodging things and really compassionate about giving him advice. He really liked you."

I looked away from his eyes. "I liked him, too."

"Liked him....?"

I turned back to face him. "If he were gay, I could see it. But, no. I'm not crushing or anything."

He nodded and cleared his throat. "He's great. Personality wise, he's a keeper." He smiled. "I told him I wanted to date you. He liked the idea of us. He, uh, has been helpful."

I narrowed my eyes. "How's that?"

He looked up toward the ceiling playfully. "He...may have told me he was meeting you at the Beanery and, you know, I should get cleaned up and stop by."

I snorted. "How'd that work out?" He laughed and brought his gaze back to me, and I chuckled as well. I was glad we were over that awkward scene.

"Well, we should go in, but...." he said and trailed off. I looked at him and he sighed and gave me a tight smile. "I'd like to see if I'm right. If together. I've always thought you were...pretty cute, so," he said, a blush running from his neck up his cheeks. I felt my temperature rise and swallowed. Holy shit, he's interested. I needed to take control, put some brakes on this thing.

"So, hang out, then?" I asked haltingly. "See how it goes?"

He nodded slowly, perhaps a little disappointed. "Yeah. Perfect." I didn't know what he had to be disappointed about. Did he think I'd tell him I love him and fuck him in the car? I knew that was a bitchy thought, protecting myself. I didn't love him, I didn't know him that well. I was going to find out, though.

The moment was broken by Zack and Seth, each coming up one side of the car and slapping the metal with their hands. It made me jump and they laughed as we climbed out of the car.

"Lot of steam on the window for two people just, you know, breathing," Seth observed wryly. Unconsciously I looked at the windows - which were not fogged, thank you.

"Happens when you make out in a car, Seth," Zack said flippantly.

"Be nice, they were talking," Amy said. She smiled at me. "Hi, Jer. Brandon." She gave a friendly nod.

"Hi, Amy," we both said, nearly in unison. That set Zack and Seth to giggles.

"I'm hungry," Malia said as she slid up next to Seth and we six made our way inside. Angelo's is an old place. The interior looks right out of the seventies, and the pizza smells wafted through the air as if emitted by the fibers of every wall and booth. We were seated in one of those huge, nearly circular booths and had a little fun deciding what to get. Once the order was placed and a pitcher of soda was at our table, Malia smiled at me.

"That kiss, Jer. I didn't think you were going to let Brandon breathe!" she said with a chuckle.

Warmth crept into my face and I smiled, giving Brandon a quick look. "Thanks, I guess?"

"His parents cheered him outside his house," Brandon said casually. The heat in my face intensified.

"Why?" Amy asked, walking into that one.

"For the kiss he laid on me," Brandon said with a trace of smugness. What the hell does he have to be smug about?

"You were being hesitant," I said, glancing at him. "If I'm going to be kissed, I want to know it. Am I right?" I asked, appealing to the table.

"Rawr," Zack said and laughed.

"I feel you," Malia said with a nod. "Lots of people agreed. There are like, seventy likes and almost thirty comments."

I blinked. "Say what now?"

"Um, I have to take some blame, here," Seth said sheepishly. "I knew what Brando was up to and I told Malia. We didn't exactly go away as fast as you might have thought. She records everything on her phone."

A flash of fear ran through me. "You mean...people from school?"

"Yep!" she said, clearly pleased. "Don't worry, most of them are positive. I look for the negative ones, to be honest. Most haters discriminate widely, if you follow me. I like knowing who has the really small minds."

I swallowed and looked at Brandon. He slid a hand over mine, and I wanted to pull away, as if people would see. On the other hand, he must know that, too and he still did it. Not only that, we were with our friends. I guess. I left my hand where it was.

"So Amy, how much did Zack have to pay you to come tonight?" Brandon asked, teasing.

"Oh, ouch, Brando!" Zack said, holding his hand over his heart.

"Well, first he just mentioned food," Amy said with a grin, looking between Zack's mildly embarrassed face and her audience. "But then I told him I had so much planning to do. As a member of last year's student government, we are responsible for the homecoming dance because there haven't been new elections, you know?"

"That kind of sucks," Malia said. "I mean, you ran, won, served your term."

"Right?" Amy said in agreement. "Plus the ones that graduated get off completely. Anyway," she said, smiling at Zack. "He said I could recruit four more people for sure if I came with him. Hi, fellow party planners!"

All eyes swiveled to Zack who burst out laughing. "What? You don't think she'd just come 'cause I asked her, do you?" Laughter raced around the table, and the first pizza arrived.

"But seriously," Amy said. "If anyone has time to help with setup or tear down, we can totally use it."

Chatter continued, friendly banter, and I kind of sat back a bit and soaked it in. In a funny way, it was like a family dinner. They all knew each other, here, but the context changed their focus. Instead of a casual greeting in the hallway, they chatted about teachers, music, gossip - it was all fair game. It was pretty cool, to be honest. I did still worry about the next day, though. I could take people being dicks, but could Brandon? I glanced down and saw his hand unoccupied on the seat, so I took it, but didn't meet his eyes. Fuck it, let him wonder why.


Tuesday wasn't nearly the cluster fuck it could have been. The worst part was the wrath of Cathy. I ran into her as I climbed from my car in the morning. She descended like a harpy from mythology, all squeals and outraged...something.

"Why didn't you tell me? I tell you everything!" she demanded, squaring in front of me. Just to fuck with her I casually settled my bag over one shoulder and looked at her seriously.

"Tell you what?"

"You fucker," she said and the ends of her mouth curled up. "I saw the video. You never even put him in your top four. At least you didn't pick the skinniest one on the team."

I rolled my eyes and we fell in beside each other. "I didn't know it was going to happen," I confessed. "An hour after that I was out with them all, eating pizza and acting like we all knew each other. It was weird. Cool, but weird."

"Okay, screw all that noise. What's he like to kiss?"

I glanced at her and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh no you don't," she said and moved to block me. "Use some of those twenty dollar words from poetry class and tell me. What's it like?"

I glanced away, rubbing the side of my nose and smiling in embarrassment. Turning toward her as she waited expectantly, I said, "There once was a man from Nantucket."

"Jeremiah!" she snarled and slapped each shoulder with an open hand repeatedly. "Quit holding out on me!"

I laughed, backing up a little to dodge some of her attack. "Okay, okay!" I said, laughing. She paused, glaring at me and waiting for me to continue.

I cleared my throat. "I can't think of an actual quote, but...kissing him is complicated. Yeah, I want to and he's totally worth the kiss, but it goes deeper than him being hot as all hell. It's slightly uncomfortable, and I think all good kisses should be."

"What do you mean, slightly uncomfortable?" she asked with a frown.

"It's like being on a carnival ride. That queasy feeling as you get pulled one way, but your internal organs didn't get the message that you were going to move. It's exciting." I smiled at her. "Boy can kiss."

She squealed and fell in beside me as we headed through the doors. "So you guys are a couple now?"

I stumbled a step and frowned lightly. "I don't know. No. We're just...seeing how this goes."

"You don't kiss like you did if there isn't some interest."

"Didn't say I wasn't interested," I grumbled. We separated and I headed off to my class. It probably took until lunch before I started to relax. I'd expected some kind of shitty fallout, but so far, so good. I asked Seth if Brandon had gotten any crap and he said no. After lunch I headed to my study hall and was a little surprised to have Amy take a seat beside me.

"Hey. I didn't know you were in here," I said.

"Mr. Roberts," she said, nodding toward the proctor, "is the adviser for the committee that plans the dances and stuff. I have to talk to him, but you're an added bonus."

"I'm not much of a decorator," I said, trying to dodge getting another recruitment pitch.

"I'll nail you on that later," she said with a laugh. "I wanted to ask you about Zack. He seems sweet, kind, good looking...what am I missing?"

I chuckled and shook my head. "I guess you're missing he's smart, easy on the eyes and an all around decent guy. You found a good one, Amy. No shit."

She rested her face on her hand and looked at me. "How do you know him?"

Couching the story in terms of hearing it all, I told her how Zack had stumbled, literally, into my life a few weeks before and how he'd made good on questionable decisions as well as being a stand up person. "I like someone that can admit he's wrong, and then do something about it. So maybe I made it sound like he's perfect - he's not. He's pretty damn good, though."

"Huh. That kind of goes with everything else I can find out about him. How did he fly under the radar?"

"No clue," I said. "I'm not exactly a social butterfly."

"Well, now you have Brandon. Oh, did you guys get your tickets to Homecoming? I can set a pair aside for you."

I cleared my throat. "Um. We're just kind of seeing how this goes. I'm not sure a dance know. Sort of symbolic of more or something. Maybe."

"Can I offer you some advice on Brandon?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.

I frowned lightly. "You know Brandon? I mean, know him well?"

"I recognize in him what I've seen in a couple of other guys. Like," she said, lifting her head up. "Some guys are looking to do the right thing, make the right move, they just aren't sure which one is right for you. They don't want to screw it up, so they hesitate or just wait. Brandon...he has that look. So if you want him to ask you to a dance, tell him you want to go. He's waiting on you for what's okay." She paused and grinned. "At least I think so."

I frowned lightly. "How can you tell that?"

"I've dated a few guys like that, but I also noticed how he looked at you when the dance got mentioned. Remember when I mentioned decorating? He looked at you, like he was wondering what your opinion would be, or not wanting to make a move until you okayed it. He didn't volunteer anything. So I think he is kind of putting you in the driver's seat."

"Huh," I said and sat back to think on that for a second. Of course, I also have a suspicious nature so I turned toward her and asked, "Why are you telling me this?"

She gave me a little shrug. "You guys looked nice together. I liked your group. I think I like the idea of you guys...being official. I don't know. I like anime, too, so cute guys together is kind of a thing for me."

"Isn't that yaoi?" I asked, trying to sound like I wasn't sure.

"Mmm hmm," she said with a grin.

"Ready, Amy?" Mr. Roberts asked and she jumped, maybe forgetting what she was there for. She departed and I wondered if she could be right. Was Brandon letting me drive the bus on this whole relationship thing? He did look a little disappointed when I put the brakes on in the car. He also said it was perfect and didn't push me on it.

Later Tuesday, things kind of went to shit. In my mind, there had always been a low simmering of shitty thoughts toward me and anyone like me. There are the churchy people, the closet queens who hate that you're out and they aren't - like it's so much fun. There are the trolls that just like to stir shit up. Then there's the ones I think of as the pack crowd. The pack personality does everything to stay with a majority, or acts in such a way that when the avalanche comes, they are part of the group crashing on whatever poor bastard fell victim that day. I think that group primarily goes into politics later in life.

I got a call from Brandon around six-thirty. His voice didn't sound normal, though I couldn't pinpoint what it was that tipped me off. Instead I just asked, "Are you okay?"

He sighed. "Can you come over for a few minutes?"

"Sure." We'd had dinner and my homework was done, so usually my parents were pretty easy-going about me coming and going as long as I took care of my stuff. I did check with them, and then headed over. When I got there, I understood why Brandon sounded differently. Zack and Seth were there along with two people who might have been Brandon's parents. They were engaged with a police officer.

I approached them and the question of what was happening was on my lips, but then I saw it. Running along the driver's side of Brandon's car were spray painted letters - fagboy. Brandon's arms were crossed and the expression on his face was of control, but controlling what? Fear? Anger? I didn't know. He turned as I approached and something in his face tore at my heart. I didn't say anything, just stepped up and hugged him. His arms were around my waist quickly, and we rested our chins on each other's shoulders.

I was able to see Seth and Zack's faces, one of whom was set and angry and the other seemed a little thoughtful. I didn't ponder it much as I focused on letting Brandon know I was there for him. I had to admit, I was seething, though. How dare they? Not just being insulting, but they went after Brandon. Feeling territorial wasn't quite the term I'd use. I rubbed his back for a minute and he slowly backed away, blinking eyes that were a little damp and glittering beautifully.

"When did this happen?" I asked.

"He found it when we got done with practice," Zack said tightly. "Whoever did it is a complete moron. The school has cameras on the parking lot."

The adults crossed over to where we stood and the officer took a photo of the vandalism. He made a parting statement about being able to get an electronic copy of his report within twenty-four hours for insurance purposes before departing.

"I'm not sure the car is worth repainting. Maybe we should look to replace it," his father said, placing a hand on Brandon's shoulder.

Zack's jaw set angrily. "I say we all ride to school with Brando tomorrow. I'd love for this jackass to stick his neck out."

Seth cleared his throat. "You know, it's cool that you want to stand by him, but he's got a few places to go and having that on his car...well, I have an idea."

"And what is that, Seth?" Brandon's mother asked gently.

He smiled at her lightly and looked at Brandon. "Why don't we go down to the auto parts store and get a few cans of spray paint? We can use some cardboard and masking tape and we'll make one door blue, another yellow, another part green - it'll be a harlequin paint job." He glanced at us. "Basically, we'll make it an art project. See, I figure whoever did this will be wanting people to see Brandon drive it in tomorrow. As much as I like the idea of us all riding in together, let's take away what this guy wanted."

"Well, I like it," his father said."Not least of which because I don't want anyone to harass you any more than they have. I appreciate," he said, placing a hand on Zack's shoulder, "your willingness to call this person out. In the end, an old car with multi-colored panels for a little while is preferable. So yeah, good ideas, Seth, that's what I think."

"Me, too," I said and smiled at Brandon. A ghost of a smile played around the edges of his mouth.

"Okay. Let's do it."

We headed over to the auto parts place and Seth took charge, getting specific colors - red, blue, yellow and a teal-like green. We got masking tape and managed to get a few cardboard boxes from them as well. We spent the rest of the evening being directed by Seth, taping, spraying and ruining our clothes when the idea crossed someone's mind to spray a question mark on someone else's back. It was kind of stupid, but it did get Brandon laughing. The car was weird, but kind of cool when we got done. There wasn't any light left, which probably contributed to that idea.

"Okay, so, we meet up in the morning and ride in together, right?" Zack said. He looked around at us with determination. I have to admit, I admired him then.

"I don't think-"

"Yeah. People should see Brandon isn't alone to be picked on," I said. "What time?"

Brandon looked at me with an expression I couldn't define. Seth put forth a time and we all agreed. We had to separate to go get cleaned up. I was surprised to find little dots of paint on my arms and face. I shook my head. I'd never heard of a harlequin car - I always just thought they were hoopty-mobiles if their body panels didn't match. I hope his parents can find a replacement car, maybe with a little help from the insurance company.

I arrived first and saw the car in the cold morning light. The car looked like what it was - a spray painted mess. Zack and Seth arrived together, leaving Zack's car. When Brandon joined us I voiced an opinion that had been rattling around in my head overnight.

"I don't understand why," I said to them. "I've been out for years. I've had a few things happen, even got into a few fights."

"He's lucky he left the school," Zack said.

I paused, confused. "Who?"

"James Plessy," he stated. "After what he did to you, a snake like that would be at the top of my list of suspects for this."

I nodded slowly. "Well, that's sort of my point. No one has ever scraped up my car. No one keyed it, no paint like this. Who would have such a problem with Brandon to go that far?"

They looked around at each other with expressions of mild confusion.

"I didn't think anyone actually hated me," Brandon said. "But then, you did for a long time, so I guess I might be clueless on that."

"A fine line between love and hate," Seth said quietly. "I can't think of anyone who hates Brandon, either. I think we might be giving whoever did it too much credit. Like Zack said yesterday, they aren't that bright. Maybe this is just some foolishness that the person didn't think too far ahead about."

We thought on that for a moment, and I admit it was an appealing thought. I was a little concerned for Brandon, but more from a persepctive that anyone dare fuck with him than any true feeling he was in danger.

"I have to admit, though," Seth said suddenly. "I expected the car to look better than this." We laughed and agreed with him. Still, we rode together, stopping at the Beanery for iced-coffee. It was pretty cool and my estimation of Zack and Seth probably couldn't get much better. Brandon was lucky or wise when it came to picking his friends.

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