Submission Guidelines

This story is a work of fiction. All the usual rules apply. If you shouldn't be reading this now then don't continue on.

Copyright Notice - Please, this story is Copyright by DaBeagle, and DaBeagle Doghouse site owner/operator retains all rights. You may distribute, copy, print, staple or spindle this story however you like, provided this copyright notice remains intact and you do not change the story in any way. Also you may not charge any fee to anyone to distribute or access this story.

Submission Guidelines and Procedures

So you want to write a chapter of the Baysville Saga? Good! The more the merrier! "Baysville" is the oldest ‘Round Robin’ serial story that we know of anywhere on the Net. So it’s unique and special. To keep it that way, and to add to it yourself, here’s the deal:

  1. Anybody may submit a chapter to the editor. Whether you are an already established author elsewhere, or are trying your hand for the first time, you’re invited to take a shot at seeing your words and ideas published here.
  2. The editor is David in Thailand. His email address is
  3. Feel free to contact the editor at any stage of your creative process, from germinating an idea to submitting a final draft. In fact, the earlier in the process you contact him, the better. You might save yourself a lot of work by asking questions right off. David in Thailand is ready and willing to help.
  4. The editor and the site owner have full and final authority on all submissions for the Baysville series, including the right of refusal. All final drafts will be posted to DaBeagle from the editor alone. Please do NOT submit chapters to DaBeagle directly. Each submission will be edited for content, and final drafts will be thoroughly proof read. This is to ensure consistency and continuity for everybody.
  5. All chapters accepted for publication will be copyrighted by DaBeagle and posted on DaBeagle Doghouse site. Chapter authors with web sites of their own may provide a link to their sites. All authors will be credited with their work, and may also list an email address if desired. Once accepted for posting, all chapters become part of the greater whole, and may NOT be withdrawn FOR ANY REASON. "Baysville" is a co-operative story, and chapters are submitted with the full knowledge that they remain on this or a similar site or sites as an integral part of the story.
  6. Please feel free to develop any of the plot lines already established in the story thus far, or create your own little piece of our fair community. That’s the beauty of a "Round Robin" serial! You may wish to contact particular chapter authors about the characters they have already created. This is not a requirement, just a courtesy. The editor will regularly consult previous chapter authors about threads that may already be in process.
  7. Chapter authors have the right to continue developing their own story lines if they wish. However, if they don’t announce this in a timely manner, they may lose this right to another author. Consult the editor with questions about this if necessary.
  8. Regarding story content, the following guidelines will be adhered to, in the spirit of DaBeagle’s Doghouse and its many wonderful stories: no non-consensual sex and no sex between adults and minors. Since Baysville is in the United States, the age of consent should be assumed to be 18 years.
  9. All characters and plot threads will conform to the story told thus far. In other words, you may not change the places or the past history of the characters and relationships as they have been already told. Expect to be reminded about story details – that is what editors do!
  10. Please refer to the Cast of Characters which is indexed by chapter number. This will help both writers and readers to remember who everybody is.
  11. Have at it, and have fun!