Sanitaria Springs Associated Stories

This page is meant to serve as a reference for the Sanitaria Springs Associated Short Stories. Most stories are hosted here at, but some links will take you offsite to Stories are in chronological order. This Wiki is meant to be an author resource—please be aware that the included synopsis for each story may have spoilers for those stories readers hadven't gotten to, yet.


The original short story Sanitaria Springs was written by Dabeagle and introduced the characters of Sasha Buchanan and Alec Kutsenko. The story centers around physical abuse in the locker room with respect to the attempt to exercise power with a veneer of homophobia. Underlying the overall story is the romance of Sasha and Alec, both Sophomores in high school. Alec is defined by his quick wit and makes use of it as he matures through the story.

The town of Sanitaria Springs exists, however the plot and characters are entirely fictional as are the vast majority of the structures.


Several authors have contributed to the development of the town of Sanitaria Springs. After the original was posted the offer was made to others to come build their own characters and interact with the originals, and many have answered that call. The town is still open to new residents and offers many springboards in existing stories for the development of new characters and places. Public structures that have been noted: Columbia High and Middle School. Walt's Barber Shop. Cafe Perk Me Up. Gas Station, unnamed. Sanitarium ruins.


The rules are that of a gentleman's code. Make no major changes to existing plot lines or contradict same. For instance, do not break up an existing couple simply to advance your own story. If you wish to use another authors character in a substantive way, contact them to ensure they aren't writing something contradictory to the story you are developing, as a for instance or presenting the character in a way that is contradictory to the author's intent. Keep in mind that characters are like an author's children and treat them with care. Dabeagle can be contacted for help in this regard.

Characters and Stories

This is a listing of characters introduced in each story and their relation to other characters.

Sanitaria Springs

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, New: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Bobby Buchanan, Billy Carlisle.

Characters, Minor: Mr&Mrs. Douglas Kutsenko, Tony, Valeria, Selma.

Synopsis: Columbia is a newly consolidated school. Alec Kutsenko is on the football team. Bobby Buchanan, Team Captain is riding him hard due in part to his smart mouth. Bobby's brother, Sasha is photographer for the school paper. Alec realizes he likes Sasha. Alex's mouth gets him in trouble with the some playeers and he's repeatedly beaten. Alex and Sasha go on a date.


Written by Cole Parker

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Walt, William 'Billy' Vernon, Tommy Parks.

Synopsis: Mr. Vernon comes to Walts Barber Shop for a haircut. He starts talking about "Real Guys" who are the ones who go out for the football team and how "fags" have no place on the team. He's regailing the shop with stories of his youthful football exploits when Tommy Parks stands up and tells the shop how it really was.

Rainbow's End

Written by Lugnutz

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Daniel Boone Brownstone, Theodore Kutsenko, Mike.

Synopsis: Dan is the manager of a convenience store/gas station. Alec frequents the store and becomes friends with Dan. They joke and banter. Alec's uncle moves to the area and stops to buy gas at the store. Alec comes in when he's there and is pleased to see him. Since it's closing time the three meet at Ted's house. Ted and Dan spend time telling about themselves.

The Tourist

Written by Pedro

Characters, Recurring: William 'Billy' Vernon.

Characters, New: Peter Lawson, Lukas Schmidt.

Characters, Minor: Roxanne, bus driver & son.

Synopsis: Peter is an Englishman riding a bus that stops in SS for a break. He's haviing coffee at Roxanne's Coffee Shop when Billy Vernon storms in and badmouths Walt and the "Fags." Lukas recounts the story of Mr. Vernon's Relationship with the Rev Gabriel McBride and Vernon's treatment his friend Duane Adams.

The Art of Understanding

Written by Chris James

Characters, New: Art Betts, Ernie Martin

Characters, Minor: Neil, Charlie, Roger.

Synopsis: Art meets his newspaper boy, Ernie who delivers the Press & Sun Bulletin. He's collecting in person since he ran out of envelopes. Ernie invites Art to see a friends artwork. It's really a setup. Ernie wants to be suduced. Art talks to Ernie about proper relationships, then introduces him to Charlie, the nephew of a friend.

Ripple Effect

Written by James Merkin

Characters, New: Edgar, Jeremy, Andrew.

Synopsis: Edgar and Jeremy are an estranged father and son. Years ago Edgar threw Jeremy out of the house. He went to his uncle Andrew for money to buy a gun. Andrew talked him down and rescued him. Edgar was at Walts and heard the story of Alec's ordeal. It opened his eyes and made him want help abused kids and reconnect with his son.

Don't Ask Alec!

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Salvatore 'Sal' Zappala, Travis Armstrong.

Synopsis: Zap approaches Alec to ask for advice. Alec hands him off to Sasha. He and Sasha talk. Zap likes a boy named Travis but doesn't know how to approach him. Alec arranges a demonstration so that Zap and Travis have a common 'enemy.' Zap comes up with a strategy to show Travis what kind of person he really is.

Meet the Parents

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Bobby Buchanan

Characters, New: Mr&Mrs Buchanan (Grandparents), Mr&Mrs Herb Wilson (Grandparents), April (GF to Bobby), Mr&Mr Buchanan (Parents to Sasha)

Synopsis: Sasha is nervous. Alec is meeting the dads. Then, suddenly, instead of a quiet evening of just immediate family both sets of grandparents are coming as well as Bobby's girl. As the grandparents arrive Sasha is convinced that the evening is a disaster ready to devolve into a catastrophe. When Alec arrives Sasha discovers he, too, is nervous. Just how bad will the evening be?

Broken Hearted

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley

Characters, Minor: Robin Kirkwood, Jamie Kirkwood, Mr&Mrs Andrew Kirkwood, Dr. Suddeth, Dr. Hanks, Dr. Branson, Casey (dog)

Synopsis: Chase and Kale's fun at the sanitarium is ruined by Kale's toothache. The dentist says nothing is wrong with his teeth and sends him to his pediatrician. Tests show that He's likely had a heart attack. At the hospital he has a heart cath and surgery. He doesn't want anyone to know and is upset when Chase and other friends come to visit. Can he overcome his fears and let people in?

The Preacher's Kid

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Robin Kirkwood, Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley, Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Charlie Cooper

Characters, Minor: Mr. Cooper, Jamie Kirkwood, Marsha, Alan and Molly Miller.

Synopsis: The boys go out bowling with the church youth group and Pastor Alan introduces Robin to his new foster son Charlie.Soon Robin realizes he has feelings for Charlie and talks to Kale about it. Robin spends the night with Charlie and finds out how he ended up in foster care. Robin asks him to be his boyfriend. Later Robin and Charlie run into Charlie's dad.

Alec's Best Friend

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley, Robin Kirkwood.

Characters, New: Lucien Rousseau, Mr. David Kissick (HS Principal), Mr. Harold Stephens (MS Principal), Mr&Mrs. Kutsenko.

Characters, Minor: Roy & Mike Thomas, Steve Simpkin.

Synopsis: Alec is called to the principal's office. His parents are there. Alec is not in trouble, the principal wants him to mentor a middle school boy named Lucien. Turns out Lucien and his sister were living with a religious family who sent him back to social services when they discovered he was gay. Alec arranges for Lucien to spend time with his family hoping they would grow to love him.


Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Lucien Rousseau (not named), Billy Carlisle

Characters, New: Damon Bryant, Finn Turner, Randall Maximus 'Max' Derringer, Kyle & Sonja Lamb, Seth McAllister

Synopsis: Damon is talking to his cousin Fin about attending the family Thanksgiving. Fin has a new boyfriend, Damon does not. Damon's cat, Miss Fuzzybutts has gone missing. Fuzzy was returned by a young man named Billy. Damon takes Billy to Café Pick Me Up as a reward. Alec tries to warn Damon about Billy. Billy tells Damon about what happened in high school. and a boy's school after he beat Seth. Damon invites Billy to join his family for Thanksgiving.

The Hunting Accident

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley.

Synopsis: Returning from a camping trip the boys hit a deer damaging Kale's car. Kale was skeptical about a camping trimp which proved presecent. A series of unfortunate events caused the boys to return early when they hit the deer. Not wanting to leave the deer at the side of the road they decided to take the deer to a ranger station with interesting consequences.

Cowboy Up

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Lucien Rousseau, Robin Kirkwood, Charlie Cooper, Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Sophie, Todd, Marsha, Kevin, Christa

Synopsis: Lucien's first day in 9th grade. He's come a long way since Alec was assigned to mentor him. He meets Sophie who needs a 'fake boyfriend' because her ex, Todd, cheated on her. He still has a thing for Robin, He's caught between wanting to be a good friend and having a crush. Alex helps him cope and understand that his new family loves him.

Along Came A Spider

Novella in 4 chapters, written by Colin Kelly

Characters, New: Daniel 'Dan' Covington, Mark Langstrom, Caitlin Covington, Paul Covington, Principal Benson, Maria Langstrom, Mrs. Baker, Jeff Walland, Kenny Lamper, Mrs. Lynch, Barry Metzgar, Kiane Lane, Lynda Ferrel.

Synopsis: Oscar the tarantula is missing, probably stolen. Mark is a new transfer student from Chicago. He's also an AP biology lab assistant. During gym two upperclassmen drop Oscar into Dan Covington's pants. a frightened Oscar bites dan who is alergic to spider bites. Mark, who understands what is happening asks Dan about his EpiPen and gives Dan an injection. Dan and Mark become friends.

The Ultimate Gift

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Robin, Kale, Jamie, Mr& Mrs Kirkwood, Lucien Rousseau/Kutsenko, Alec, Mr&Mrs Kutsenko, Charlie Cooper

Synopsis: Charlie and his Foster Dad are in an accident. Charlie dies from injuries he suffered in the accident. Robin moves through life like a zombie reliving memories of their relationship. Robin tries to seduce Lucien as a substitute but can't go through with it. Both Robin and Lucien are tormented by guilt. Lucien is adopted by the Kutsenko's On the way to the court Robin dreams that Charlie is telling him to move on. Robin and Lucien talk that night and recognize their love.


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec & Lucien Kutsenko, Kale & Robin Kirkwood, Sasha Buchanan, Chase Dudley.

Characters, New: Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Cole Darby, Cathy 'Hoover' Peterson

Synopsis: Austin (Hamster) was working illegaly at Flubberbuster Berger. and living with his mother in a trailer park. A group from SS saw his picture on a forum for hot guys and decided to go see for themselves. The trailer's furnace quit and his mother brought in a kerosene heater. The heater suffocates her then sets fire to the trailer. CPS Takes Hamster to a group home. CPS finds a relative. Turns out he's related to Chase, one of the boys from SS. Chase's parents are not pleased to take him in, but Chase is excited. Chase fights for Austin. Eventually, The Dudley's recognize Hamster's worth. He has a new family.

Hidden Talents

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley

Synopsis: Kale and Chase scheme to have a weekend alone. The family is away with Robin and Lucien at a wrestling meet. Kale takes Chase out to dinner and to the opera. They see Swan Lake. Later we discover that Kale is a talented musician. The Kirkwoods have a Stineway Grand Piano and Kale is a talented pianist. Kale's talent is a closely held secret. Only family and Chase know of it. We also discover that the Kirkwoods come from Old money. There is a trust fund.

Lake Effect

Written by James Merkin

Characters, New: Maurice Hollins, Ray Colburn.

Synopsis: Ray Colburn a quiet, bookish boy had been home schooled by his academic grandfather until his sudden death 3 months before. Now he's learning, rather unsuccessfully, to navagate public high school. He has been shoveling snow since breakfast time. Now his father is sending him on another "Charity Case." This time to the Episcopal parsonage. Pastor Murchison is busy and the girl who thanks him for "Releasing them from this dreadful captivity" turns out to be the Mrs Murchison's nephew. When they meet Maurice Ray's father is dismissive and his mother is stunned.The boys become close friends, but when Maurice's mother doesn't get the part they fly away to Australia. Ray is crushed. Maurice has left him a note, a pair of pink mittens and a new attitude toward life."

The Seagull

Written by Pedro

Characters, Recurring: Peter Lawson, Lukas Schmidt.

Characters, Minor: John, Duane (deceased), Richard, (deceased)

Synposis: Lukas is in the UK on business. because of a 'Bank Holiday' he has a long weekend before he can finish his business and return to the US. In addition he's being kicked out of his lodgings due to weddings scheduled for the venu. He calls Lukas, who he met years ago in SS, and they decide to meet. He calls Peter...

Pillow Talk

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Synopsis: As Alec and Sasha pack up their dorm to return home for the summer they talk about their relationship. They have dinner at their favorite small restaurant Whitman's. Alec tells Sasha about his fifth grade teacher who made fun of him for blowing his nose all the time due to allergies.which explains some of his insecurities and resulted in his wise guy personality. Alec has a deeply personal confession to make, that he fantasizes about sex with their friends Kale and Chase. In their discussion they find that they both find the idea appealing.

Birthday Blues

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Lucien & Alec Kutsenko, Robin & Kale Kirkwood, Sasha Buchanan, Chase Dudley.

Synopsis: It's Robin's birthday and Lucien not only wants to get Robin the perfect gift, he also wants to buy his first car with his big brother Alec's help. Alec and Sasha return home from school. Alec teases Kale about his new Audi. Lucien is overjoyed to see his big brother. They go shopping for a car and Lucien falls in love with a '91 VW Vanagon. Lucien also finds the perfect gift for Robin A Custom made bracelet. Hamster has been receiving text messages from an unknown number of a blatent sexual nature. Lucin shows Sophie the number and she discover's it's her boyfriends. He had loaned the phone to Little Phil Ashmore, his little Brother, Phil. Alec tells Lucien about his fifth grade. Robin's parents finally realize that Lucien really loves Robin. Hamster and Cole make progress.

The Evolution of Us

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring:Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley, Sasha Buchanan and Alec Kutsenko.

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton

Synopsis: Alec's confessions from Pillow Talk take an unexpected turn when Chase and Sasha have a conversation while working as lifeguards and watching their boyfriends give lessons in the children's pool.Kale and Chase discuss the idea and Kale decides he would like to try it. They surprise Alec and Sasha with their decision. Afterward the four snuggle and fall asleep only to wake up to see Lucien, Robin and Austin laughing.

Pool Boy

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley, Sasha Buchanan, Alec Kutsenko.

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Jamie Kirkwood.

Characters, New: Scotty Ellis, Stacey Quinn

Synopsis: Kale is the subject of newfound celebrity, uncomfortably and hilariouosly so. Kale overhears several girls talking about Alec (He Thinks.) He tells Alec who goes to flirt, but discovers they're really talking about Kale. He tells them Kale's girl just broke up with him and he's heartbroken and they should try to cheer him up. They sign up for swim lessons then the next day a dozen girls sign up. Turns out he's been posted to "Hot boys in the Workplace." Next Day Jamie & Scotty go hoping to pick up some overflow action. Little Phil is one of the group who signed up for lessons. When a girl fakes drowning to get a kiss from Kale he grabs Alec and kisses him to show them they're wasting their time.

Jamie's Buddy

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Jamie Kirkwood.

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Robin, Kale, Mr&Mrs Kirkwood

Characters, New: Sean Kelly, Mrs. Kelly.

Synopsis: Sean and his mother arrive unannounced at the Kirkwoods. Jamie and Sean hit it off right away while playing Modern Warfare on a PS4. When Mr. Kirkwood tells the boys who Cecilia and Sean are their reactions are very different. Jame is excited to have a new brother, Robin is unhappy but accepting and Kale is angry and hurt. The three Kirkwoods discuss it and agree that Sean is not to blame and they should treat him like a brother.The next day they meet for brunch at the hotel, Cecilia returns to Boston to close out the apartment and Sean goes home with the Kirkwoods. Jamie calls him "My twin brother from another mother." Kale finds Sean at the piano and they finally begin to bond. Kale offers piano lessons. When football starts Jamie and a boy named Jason Riley get in a fight after Riley hits Sean thinking he's Jamie. Jamie apologizes to Jason for the trash talk.


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring:Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley, Sasha Buchanan and Alec Kutsenko.

Synopsis: The aftermath of the events of The Evolution of Us. Kale and Alec discuss their feelings and desire fto do it again. When Chase and Sasha come home they talk and establish rules so no one gets hurt.

The Seagull2

Written by Pedro

Characters, Recurring: Peter Lawson, Lukas Schmidt, Jack (dog).

Characters, Minor: John & His wife, Marjorie, Malcolm and Debbie

Synopsis: Lukas intends to surprise Peter with an unexpected visit. John, an employee in the suffex office lets the plan slip. Lukas seems nervous. Eventually Lukas tells Peter that he's selling his US business and wants to move to the UK to be near/with him. They spend time discussing the details of such a move. Lukas returns to the US to complete the sale then back to the UK to begin his life there.

Must Love Books

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton.

Characters, New: Derek Pellegrini, Chloe Pellegrini, Mr. Pellegrini.

Synopsis: Derek is new in town, his father just having assumed management of the local IGA. He spots a gay couple and wonders if there might be someone for him in town. His father and mother have just gone through an acrimonious divorce. His father had to sell his stake of the grocery he was a partner in. The first day of school he introduces himself to the guys he saw during the summer and falls in with "the family." Gavin asks him for help being romantic for Sophie and Hamster tells him about the group. A few days later he's invited to join the study group. That Saturday Lucien, Robin, Hamster and Derek go to Binghamton for a gas tank.That Saturday is Lucien's Birthday. Derek is invited. Chloe's boyfriend, Brian warns Derek not to bend over and Chloe breaks up with him. Derek meets the big brother's and the whole "Family." There is a sleepover. Derek and Austin become boyfriends.

The Muse

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Kale Kirkwood, Chase Dudley.

Synopsis: Kale develops his camera eye while photographing his favorite muse.Returning to their dorm room Kale sees a perfect shot of Chase. He sets up his camera and takes several pictures of different poses.


Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Jamie Kirkwood, Sean Kelly.

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko.

Characters, New: Trent Davis, Teddy Granger, Jason Riley, Elise Maxwell, Ally Marcus

Synopsis: Sean realizes that teammatesTrent Davis and Teddy Granger secretly like each other. He and Jamie conspire to get them together.

Built to Last

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Kale, Jamie, Mr. & Mrs. Kirkwood, Sean Kelly, Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Misty Wade

Synopsis: Robin has to deal with Lucien's insecurities and his parents interference in his relationship with Lucien. Lucien sees a girl kiss him and fears he's loosing him like he's lost everyone he's loved. Robin's parents believe that after Charlie's death he spends so much time with Lucien that it's unhealthy. Family conflict ensues.

Devyn's Song

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Sean Kelly, Jamie Kirkwood, Judge Andrew Kikrwood & Wife, Evelyn.

Characters, New: Devyn Kennedy, Elliot Lindley, Mr. Norris, Mrs. Carter, Tricia, Sarah, Trent, Luke Chambers (deceased), Frank Kennedy, Dale Kennedy

Synopsis: Devon joins the show band Sahara. His Home Ec teacher, Mrs. Belinda Carter, molests him after class. Later Devyn reports her to Judge Kirkwood. Elliot, who was a friend of Luke Chambers, who had also been molested by Mrs. Carter, grows close to Devyn. Devyn's father and uncles make life miserable for him causing a separation.


Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Chase Dudley, Kale Kirkwood.

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Robin, Jamie, Mr&Mrs Kirkwood, Alec and Lucien Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Sean Kelly, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Mr&Mrs Dudley

Characters, New" Lincoln 'Linc' Wallace.

Characters, New, Minor: Doris Goodman (DSS), Melissa Wallace, Mrs. Johnson.

Synopsis: Chase is contacted by Doris Goodman From the Department of Social Services. She informs him that he is one of three males who's names were given by Melissa Wallace as possible fathers to her son Lincoln (Linc) Wallace. A DNA test confirms Chase's paternity. Chase and Kale decide to raise the boy. They must arrange living accommodations. Informing their parents bring conflict.


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Jamie Kirkwood, Sean Kelly, Mr. Kissick

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Trent Davis, Teddy Granger, Scott Ellis

Characters, New: Asher Romanski, Ed and David Mullins, Mrs. Clemons (DCFS), Mr&Mrs Ellis

Synopsis: Asher Romanski is being bullied by David Mullins. His sister is dating David's older brother., Asher hits on Sean and Jamie verbally attacks him.Sean comes to apologize for Jamie, sees what's happening and tells his pastor who informs the authorities. Asher's father is arrested when police find drugs and Asher is placed in a group home. During this time Sean's mother dies.

Robin and Lucien 4 Ever

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Derek Pellegrini, Lincoln 'Linc' Wallace/Kirkwood, Kale & Chase Kirkwood, Mr&Mrs Kirkwood, Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Synopsis: Lucien is stressed. Making up a missed year of school and being on a sports team has stretched him to the lemit. To top it all off Robin's mother seems hostile. She's keeping a constant eye on them. They never have time for an intimate moment. Pressure mounts, When Lucien reads Linc's bedtime story and Mrs. Kirkwood seems to stomp away in a huff Kale decides to do something.


Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Kale & Chase Kirkwood, Lincoln 'Linc' Kirkwood.

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan.

Characters, New: Mrs. Goblichek, Jeff, Emily Saks, Marcia Simpson.

Synopsis: When Kale gets a call from Emily Saks, an exec from 360i, an advertising agency asking to meet him and look over his portfolio he assumes they're interested in his photography. It turns out that they've seen a picture posted on the internet and Ralph Lauren has chosen him to be the face of a new clothing line. After Discussing with Chase Kale says yes.

The Space Between

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec & Lucien Kutsenko, Robin, Kale & Chase Kirkwood, Charlie Cooper, Micah

Synopsis: Alec goes to the store to pick up snacks. While standing in line there is an attempted robbery.The robber threatens a boy and Alec pulls him to safety drooping a jar of salsa. The thief stabs at Alec who slips on the salsa and falls into the knife. A dreamlike sequence follows while Alec gathers energy from his friends to hold himself together until the doctors realize he's bleeding internally.

Another Day in Parodyse

Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Jamie Kirkwood, Seth McAllister

Characters, New: Logan Whitmore.

Synopsis: Seth is feeling sorry for himself when Logan stops him on the way to school and asks to walk with him. Seth is sure that Logan will change his mind once he gets to know him. As they get to know each other they discover they have a lot in common.

The Bearded Bromance

Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Logan Whitmore.

Characters, New:Maggie Bianchi, Kristin, Tyler, Jordan, Jace, Drew.

Synopsis: Logan and Maggie double date with Seth and Kristin. It turns out that Maggie and Kristin are a couple and need "Boyfriends" to hide the fact from Kristin's very religious parents.


Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Logan Whitmore.

Characters Recurring, Minor: Tyler, Jordan, Jace, Drew, Maggie Bianchi, Kristin.

Synopsis: Logan is distracted. He's messing up at practice. He feels his friends have grown away from him, and he's grown close to Seth. He's unsure of what that means. After a fight in the hall that Jamie stops he and seth become close. Logan's friends Jordan and Tyler invite him and Seth to come back and sit with them at lunch. Seth, who is not a BB fan comes to all the games to cheer Logan on. Logan Texts his uncle to ask advice. Seth is on his way over when Uncle Gary calls back. They talk and Logan confesses that he might be bi. Gary is sympathetic and supportive. Seth arrives, Logan confesses his love. Seth kisses him.


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Logan Whitmore.

Characters, New: Grayson Anderson.

Synopsis: Grayson has been chasing Logan for years. He's joined the Basketball team to be near him. He has a history of injuries from these efforts. His friends Amanda and Kevin give him grief over this. They all think Logan is straight because he's dating a girl. Grayson meets Seth, who is a friend of Logan's. They discover a mutual love of coffee.Seth tells about Lucien and Robin's romantic antics. Seth meets Grayson's mother and they trade quips, have coffee together, then the two boys talk. and Seth admits to being bi-sexual. Later Grayson admits to having a crush on Logan and being frustrated that he could never get closer.Seth sets it up so that Grayson gives a donation at the Valentines dance kissing booth and gets a kiss from Logan.


Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Logan Whitmore, Grayson Anderson.

Synopsis: Coming Soon


Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Derek Pellegrini

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Mr&Mrs Kirkwood

Characters, New: Griffin Douglas, Mr&Mrs Douglas, Royce McGuire

Synopsis: After Valentines day dinner in Binghamton Lucien and Robin almost hit Griffin on the way home. They call 911 and he's taken to the hospital. This is the story of Griffin (who Royce calls 'Bunny.') His unhappy romance with Royce and its resolution.

Best Friends and Blackmail

Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Grayson Anderson, Seth McAllister, Logan Whitmore, Tyler, Jordan, Jace, Drew

Characters, Recurring, Minor: David Mullins, Sonya and Kyle Lamb

Characters, New: Sora McAllister, Coach Whitmore

Seth, Logan and Grayson are having a sleepover when they recieve pictures on their phones. One picture of Grayson and logan Kissing and another of Logan and Seth kissing. The boys are convenced that they are being blackmailed. Coach Whitmore gets involved before all is resolved.

Newborn Baristas

Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Grayson Anderson, Derek Pellegrini, Damon Bryant

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Kyle Lamb, Billy Carlisle

Characters, New: Mr Schwinn, Officer Stu Bennion, John & Richard Ellesier

Synopsis: Seth and Grayson are left in charge of Cafe Perk-Me-Up when Sonya's water breaks and Kyle has to drive her to the hospital. Damon is on his way to relieve them when he witnesses an accident and helps a young driver who is hurt. He has to stay and give a statement to the police. Meanwhile, Derek helps the two boys by running the register.

The Pint Sized Prince

Written by Israfil

Characters, Recurring: Damon Bryant, Seth McAllister, Sophie, John & Richard Ellesier

Characters, Recurrring, Minor: Maggie Bianchi, Grayson Anderson

Characters, New: Geoff Ellesier

Synopsis: The three Ellesier Brothers are newly arrived in Sanitaria Springs. The family has lost their parents. Jon, returning from an unauthorized trip to Boston, has an accident and ends up in the hospital. The brothers seem to have a love-hate relationship. Jon is newly attending Columbia High, Geoff is at Cornell but has been transfered to SUNNY by his brothers. Richard is working.

Itty Bitty Bestie

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Griffin Douglas, Devyn Kennedy, Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Elliot Lindley, Judge Kirkwood, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Derek Pellegrini

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Sahara Show Band - Tricia (drummer), Trent (bassist), Sarah (lead guitarist)

Synopsis: Griffin is getting his life back together. He's made friends and spends evenings working on homework with the study group. The group spends Friday evening at a concert of the show band "Sahara." He meets Devyn and they become friends. Shortly after Royce tries to get in touch. Griffin's friends rally around him. He becomes close to Devyn.

I See Fire

Written by Israfil

Characters, Recurring: Jon, Geoff and Richard Ellesier, Grayson Anderson, Logan Whitmore, Seth McAllister, Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, David Mullins

Characters, minor: Eve, Vergil Knight, Patrick, Jake Thayer

Characters, recurring, minor: Tyler, Jordan, Jace, Drew, MAggie, Kristin

Synopsis: Geoff has a dream that a dragon is destroying his home and keeping him from his brothers. Jon meets Grayson and Logan and some of their friends.Sasha's new friend Vergil is having an art show at the SUNY Albany campus and he and Alec are going to help set it up. After the show is set up Vergil, Patrick and Geoff come to shakey terms over past events. Jon and Jake are walking to Jakes home when they are accosted by a school bully. Jon steps in and gives them a thrashing. During a conversation between Richard and Geoff there is a sruprising revelation.

The Last Gasp of Winter

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Elliot Lindley, Sophie, Devyn Kennedy, Griffin Douglas

Characters, New: Colby Stewart

Synopsis: Sophie breaks up with Elliot because she realizes he's gay. Elliot had a brief affair with Devyn but broke it off because he was denying his sexuality. In frustration he goes running during a storm, trips and breaks his ankle. He's rescued by Colby Stewart and they spend the night alone during the storm.


Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Grayson Anderson, Logan Whitmore, Sora McAllister

Characters, New: Foster McGuire, Mrs. McGuire

Synopsis: Foster and Seth share a joint behind the bleachers. They talk about their friendship through fourth grade. Seth has walked in on Logan and Grayson during an intimate moment and is upset. Seth decides to break up with Logan and Grayson. Seth's sister Sora tells him what happened between he and Foster to end their friendship. Seth and Foster reconnect.

The Dreamer Wakes

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Grayon Anderson, Logan Whitmore, Seth McAllister

Synopsis: The breakup of Seth with Grayson and Logan, told from the point of view of Grayson.

Shards of Love

Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Foster McGuire, Mrs. McGuire, Seth McAllister

Synopsis: Foster McGuire wrestles with his doubts and the feelings left from when Seth pushed him away as a ten year old. Foster is convenced that Seth will return to his friends, leaving him behind. He's confused by Seth's thoughtful and patient presence.

Puzzle Pieces

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Logan Whitmore, Grayson Anderson, Seth McAllister, Gary Whitmore

Synopsis: Twenty Five days after the breakup Logan and Grayson talk about Seth. Logan then goes to see his uncle Gary, tells the story of what happened and asks for advice. Gary gives advice and invites Logan and a 'date' to see Pirates of Penzance at the Binghampton Opera. While there they run into Seth.

Crumbling Castles

Written by Cynus

Characters, Recurring: Seth McAllister, Foster McGuire, Logan Whitmore, Grayson Anderson, Maggie Bianchi, Kristin

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Mr Bianchi

Synopsis: Seth is ready to talk to his former boyfriends. He has explained his feelings to Kristin and Maggie. Finally he goes to Grayson's house to fix breakfast for him and talk. He invites Logan and foster to join them.

Perils of Lucien, Part 1

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Derek & Chloe Pellegrini, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Mr&Mrs Kutsenko, Sophie

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Chase and Kale Kirkwood

Characters, New: Mr. Sloane, Phil Ashmore

Synopsis: Lucien's mother's lawyer contacts his lawyer and wants to sue to invalidate the adoption. Lucien's friends rally around him to support him. Sophie introduces Phil to the group. He's sorry for the texts he sent earlier and wants to learn to be socially acceptable. She's wants to meet with him. Lucien must decide if he wants to do this to try to talk her out of suing.

Perils of Lucien, Part 2

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Derek Pellegrini, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Mr&Mrs Kutsenko, Sophie, Devyn Kennedy, Mr Sloane, Phil Ashmore, Mrs Rousseau, Claire Rousseau

Characters, New: Judge Livingston

Synopsis: Robin continues to try to teach Phil how to be a human being. Phil continues being crass. Meanwhile Lucien continues to worry about his mother's plans. The meeting at the lawyer's office does not go well and a court date is set. The entire "Found Family," goes to court with Lucien.

Saving Phillip

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Phillip (Little Phil) Ashmore, Griffin Douglas, Devyn Kennedy, Mr&Mrs Douglas, Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Derek Pellegrini, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Asher Romanski, Royce McGuire

Synopsis: Griffin, Devyn and the boys take on Phil as a project after he apologizes for his bad behavior. Phil's mother scolded him for his behavior and set him up to see Dr. Freeman. Griffin invites him to an end-of-semester party at Robin's house. Phil promises to behave himself and watch what he says. It's not easy for him. Meanwile Griffin faces Royce in court.

Rickshaw Run Part 1

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Chase and Kale Kirkwood

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Jamie and Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Sean Kelly, Lincoln 'Linc' Kirkwood, Jeff Miller, Mr&Mrs Kirkwood

Characters, New: Jim, Liam and Marcus Brewer

Synopsis: Kale takes a commission from Sidetracked magazine to photograph the Rickshaw Run a 2500 mile trip across India. Rather than travel in comfort he decides to bring Chase, Alex, and Sasha along for a "Last adventure of their childhood," before marrage and career ties them down. As they arrive in Kolkata they meet three boys, triplets, from Surry, UK.

Rickshaw Run Part 2

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Chase and Kale Kirkwood, Jim, Liam and Marcus Brewer

Characters, New: Alice, Millie, Sara (Australian), Jalad (Cabbie)

The Griswold team, after a night of drinking with their British friends, who drink them under the table, head out on the first leg of their Rickshaw Run. After a little engine trouble at the starting gate they're on their way. They catch up with the Queen and Country soon after.

Rickshaw Run Part 3

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Chase and Kale Kirkwood, Jim, Liam and Marcus Brewer

Synopsis: At lunch with their UK friends Kale gets a disapproving look from a waiter after kissing Chase. Later after several close calls with trucks on the rain soaked road the boys and their UK friends decide to take a side road that the map showed running parallel to the main road. They find the QC abandoned. While looking things over they find themselves surrounded by men with guns.

Rickshaw Run Part 4

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Chase and Kale Kirkwood, gathered families

Taken to a village they find their UK friends and the local sheriff. The sheriff's wife feeds them. The next day they load the rickshaws on a supply truck and head off to Jaipur. Later meet more torrential ran, reckless trucks and stalled rickshaws. Returning to NY they once again have the adventure of being parents.

Date Night

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Jamie Kirkwood, Sean Kelly, Asher Romanski, Mrs, Kirkwood, Lincoln 'Linc' Kirkwood

Characters, New: Emily and Caleb Baker

Jamie and Sean babysit Linc as Mrs Kirkwood goes out.Asher comes over and they take Linc to the park.In the park Jamie meets Emily. She's impressed by Jamie babysetting Linc. She appears to invite him to her home that evening. When he arrives things are not as they seem.

A Funny Thing Happened...

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Jamie Kirkwood, Asher Romanski, Sean Kelly, Scott Ellis, Jason Riley

Synopsis: Jamie is home alone. Asher comes to visit, they play Grand Theft Auto V. They Wrestle, then things take an unexpected turn. What will happen with their friendship?


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Devyn and Dale Kennedy, Griffin Douglas, Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Phillip Ashmore, April Douglas, Frank Kennedy

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Derek Pellegrini, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton

Characters, New: Bob McKinley, Nathan and Gloria Kennedy

Synopsis: Devyn is working with his father at the garage. His father is making a real effort to get to know him. Griffin is trying to befriend Phillip. Devyn is not happy with that. Devyn's cousin Nate comes to stay with his family after his father shoots his mother and puts her in the hospital.


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Jamie Kirkwood, Sean Kelly

Characters, New: 'Boomer' Bennet

Characters, New, Minor: Newman, Simpson

Synopsis: Jamie and Sean are at football camp. Along with a new friend named "Boomer" they steal a laarge fan to clear the air of the stench of a coupld of roomates. Jamie tries to talk Boomer, who is going to a private Catholic school into switching to Columbia High.

Road Trip

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Chase Kirkwood, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, George & Carol Dudley, Kale Kirkwood, Derek Pellegrini, 'Boomer' Bennet, Mrs Bennet

Synopsis: Austin and Chase discuss their lives, their friends and their boyfriends, while traveling to Maine to pick up Jamie and Sean from football camp. Austin and Chase grow closer during the trip. Once home Chase has a surprise for Austin.

The Exception

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Sean Kelly, Jamie Kirkwood, Asher Romanksi

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Mrs&Mr Kirkwood, Scott Ellis, Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Mrs, Clemons, Mrs Ellis

Synopsis: When Asher and Sean are caught by Mrs Ellis in a compromising position, Asher is sent to live with the Kirkwoods while CPS investigates. Asher, beliving that he will be sent away to live in a group home, decides to run away. Jamie and Sean intervene. Sean and Asher do much soul searching. Asher returns home to a family who loves him and wants to adopt him.

Is This Where I leave You?

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Derek Pellegrini, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Lincoln 'Linc' Kirkwood, Devyn Kennedy, Griffin Douglas, Evelyn Kirkwood, Mr&Mrs Dudley

Characters, New, Minor: Dr Price, Dr Molina

Synopsis: The Sanatarium Ruins once again provide a backstop for intimacy. During the encounter Derek notices a lump on Austin's testicle. Austin at first dismisses Derek's concerns but when the lump grows larger he decides to speak to his Uncle George. After Dr. Appointments and tests the results come back positive. All of Austin's friends rally to support him when he goes for surgery.

Finding Niki

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Chase and Kale Kirkwood, Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Mr&Mr Buchanan

Characters, New: Nikolai Antonescu, Victor Preda (Chief of Staff), President Korossy of Romania

Synopsis: Chase and Kale honeymoon in Europe. Jeff Miller calls asking Kale to photograph the Romanian President. Alec asks them to find Sasha's birth parents. At the orphanage they are sent away. The President is pleased with the pictures, therefore his chief of staff looks into Sasha's past. He has a gay brother in The orphanage. Extraordinary efforts are made to get the boy out of the country.

Curious Nate

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Nate Kennedy, Griffin Douglas, Devyn Kennedy, Dale & Sylvie Kennedy, Frank & Gloria Kennedy

Characters, New: Dylan and Adam Whalen, Hannah

Synopsis: Nathan and his mother are living with his Uncle Dale and Aunt Sylvie. Nate is working on becoming a better person. He witnesses an intimate act between his cousin and his boyfriend. He attends a party for Dylan's brother and discovers his friend Dylan is gay. He has to decide how he feels about that, also he must confess to his cousin. There is a confrontational visit with his father.

Found Family Camp

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Alec Kutsenko, Sasha Buchanan, Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Derek Pellegrini, Auistin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Kale and Chase Kirkwood, Jamie Kirkwood, Scott Ellis, Sean Kelly, Asher Ellis, Phillip Ashmore, Trent Davis, Teddy Granger, Elliot Lindley, Colby Stewart, Nikolai Antonescu, Nate Kennedy, Lincoln 'Linc' Kirkwood

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Judge & Mrs Kirkwood, Mr&Mrs Kutsenko, Bobby Buchanan

Synopsis: Alec plans a getaway for the entire "Found Family" All the people who are meaningfull to each other in Sanataria Springs. There are various stories about the people involved and intimate moments. some new connections are made. There is a wedding.

Cookie Monster

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Asher Ellis, Sean Kelly, Jamie Kirkwood, Scott Ellis, Emily BAker, Mr&Mrs Ellis

Characters, New: Averi, Andy

Synopsis: Asher is having a crisis. He likes Sean, but Sean likes girls and dates Averi. Asher is a waterboy for the football team. Asher befriends Averi's Brother. Are Asher and Sean just a summer Romance or is there hope for more than a summer romance?

Bus Boys

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurrung: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Claire Rousseau, Derek Pellegrini, Alec Kutsenko

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Mr. Kissick, Mrs Eileen Rousseau, Nik Antonescu

Characters, New: Jeremy Pace, Mrs. Abrott

Synopsis: Lucien's bio-mom shows up as a substitute teacher in his American Government class. He and Robin go to the guidance office. A new religious club is started at school. Claire, Lucien's sister trys to reconnect with him. Later Lucien's bus is torched and he ends up in the hospital.

Isn't it Bromantic?

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Phillip Ashmore, Griffin Douglas, Devyn Kennedy, Asher Ellis, Sean Kelly, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Sterling 'Boomer' Bennett

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Andy, Mrs Kirkwood

Synopsis: Philip has worked hard to change his image and behavior. Jamie is moved to the varsity football team. Homecoming is approaching and Philip is feeling lonely and left out. During a discussion Jamie decides to take Philip as a friend since his girl Emily will be out of town. The boys take Philip clothes shopping. Jamie sees an unhappy Boomer at the dance.


Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Griffin Douglas, Devyn Kennedy, Lucien Kutsenko, Phillip Ashmore

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Mr&Mrs Douglas, Mr&Mrs McGuire, Foster McGuire

Synopsis: Waiting in the courthouse for the trial to begin Griffin and Devyn see the McGuires enter. The prosecutor tells the family that there will be no trial, Royce is dead. Griffin strugles with his fealings. He spends time with Devyn and talks to Lucien as he helps repair his "new" VW bus. After Philip wakes him with an excited tale of being kissed Griffin is finally able to come to a resolution.

Without a Trace

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring: Griffin Douglas, Robin Kirkwood, Devyn Kennedy, Lucien Kutsenko, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Derek Pellegrini, Phillip Ashmore, Jamie Kirkwood, Sterling 'Boomer' Bennett, Sean Kelly, Asher Ellis, Elliot Lindley, Colby Stewart, Logan Whitmore, Ian&Gary Whitmore-Harries

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Seth McAllister, Grayson Anderson, Damon Bryant

Character, New: Jake Thayer, Tracey Maxwell/Harries, Olivia Whitmore-Harries

Synopsis: When Tracy Maxwell's mother dies unexpectedly in Vancouver Canada, he discoveres that not only is he not a Canadian citizen, his name is not Maxwell and his father is Ian Harries in Sanataria Springs, NY. His mother has told him his father left them for a man. Trace is cold toward his stepfather and his family. After a talk with his new friend Sean he decides he needs to talk to his father.

Too Low For Zero

Written by Dabeagle

Characters, Recurring: Sean Kelly, Robin Kirkwood, Jamie Kirkwood, Asher Ellis, Kale Kirkwood, Mr&Mrs Kirkwood

Characters, New: Dr Montgomery, Dr Fisher, Dr Katz

Synopsis: Sean finds himself in a treatment center after overdosing on alcohol. He's cheated on Ash with a girl and contracted an STD. His sessions with Dr. Montgomery help him to come to grips with what he's done. He feels unworthy and fearfull that his family, and Asher, will no longer love him. Robin, Jamie, Kale and Asher come to visit him. He confesses all to Asher. What will Asher do? Can he forgive Sean?

The Wounded Reindeer

Written by Ryan Bartlett

Characters, Recurring, Minor: Griffin Douglas, Robin Kirkwood, Devyn Kennedy, Lucien Kutsenko, Austin 'Hamster' Hamilton, Derek Pellegrini

Character, New: Tyson Prescott, Eric Keeler

CHaracter, New, Minor: Chelsea, Toby, Molly Prescott, Mr&Mrs Grant Prescott.

Synopsis: Tyson's father is extremely homophobic. Tyson is afraid to come out so he's dating a girl named Chelsea. Tyson is working a Christmas Job at Abercrombie and Fitch where he is one of Santa's Reindeer. (Rudolph) He meets Eric who figures him out. Over the next week they fall for each other. Eric lives in Binghamton. Tyson has been driving him home. After oral sex on night Tyson is upset and speeds home. The next day Eric skips class and has a friend drive him to SS. A girl at school sees Tyson kiss Eric and during Tyson's swim meet, just as he wins his competition his father overhears one girl say that to another. He becomes furious and hits his son. Father is taken away by the police. When Tyson gets to work on Monday he explains what happened to Eric. When he gets home that evening his mother is waiting to talk to him.

A Matter of the Heart

Written by JohnInLex

Characters, New: Tyson Prescott, Eric Keeler, Chelsea, Grant Prescott, Joyce Prescott, Molly Prescott

Characters, minor: Eve, Janet, Mickey, Aunt Laura (Not Seen)

Characters, recurring, minor: Robin Kirkwood, Lucien Kutsenko

Synopsis: As Tyson and Eric grow closer Ty's father has moved into an appartment and continues to go to counseling. Ty begins to worry that his father will never move home as long as he's there. Ty finally meets Eric's father who skillfully draws him out. Then Ty takes Eric to meet his mother. Molly gives Eric the third degree. In the meantime Grant is thrown a curve by the counselor which leads to an altercation with Lucien and Robin in a restaurant. Grant spends the night in jail until he's sober enough to call his lawyer. During his court date he comes to the realization that a childhood friend was raped by Gabrial McBride, the paedophile priest mentioned in The Tourist. Father and son are reconsiled and Ty makes a surprising discovery.

Robin & Lucien

Written by Dabeagle

Characters: Lucien Kutsenko, Robin Kirkwood, Claire Rousseau, Jeremy

Characters, recurring: Mr&Mrs Kutsenko, Mr&Mrs Kirkwood, JAmie Kirkwood, Sean Kelly, Grant Prescott

Synopsis: After Lucien's car is torched Robin has serious loss issues and becomes over protective of Lucien. He also finds himself unable to be physical. Robin seems to walking in a daze. All of his thoughts seem to be about loosing Lucien. He's obsessed with safety and defense. During a night out when a drunk Grant Prescott attacks Lucien Robin steps between them and pushes Grant through a glass wall in the restaurant. He winds up in jail until he's bailed out. He agrees to couns as he realizes he's no longer functioning well.